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Host a Pretty Girls With Cancer awareness, prevention event to educate, support, and inspire action in the fight against cancer, fostering a community of empathy, knowledge, and hope.

Hosting events can include our Pink & Teal Fitness Affair, bike rides, monthly girl hang outs, fashion shows and more.



Joining a group of women cancer survivors offers a supportive community where you can share experiences, and empower each other in the journey towards healing and renewed strength.

As a member you will
receive the following
benefits: informed first of
events, attendance to our
members only yearly event,
volunteer opportunities,
PGWC shirt and tote!

Membership available
November 2023!



Sponsoring Pretty Girls With Cancer enables you to directly contribute to lifesaving initiatives, raise awareness, and demonstrate your commitment to making a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer.

Sponsorships provides
cancer patients, survivors
and caregivers free mental
health sessions, therapeutic
retreat, monthly outings,
and helping kids facing
cancer and their families.



Collaborate with Pretty Girls With Cancer to amplify your impact, pool resources, and collectively drive positive change in cancer awareness, research, and patient support.

Pretty Girls With Cancer for over 10 years have partnered with non-profit organizations, corporations, and dedicated cancer advocates to raise funds for our mission and vision.

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" PGWC monthly sessions are a safe space, no judgemental we all learned something from each other. Brilliant!" - Morgan

" I've not only found support  but also built long-lasting friendships at PGWC" - Rosie T.

" PGWC addresses the often-overlooked emotional struggles that come with cancer." - Kim P.