Cancer & Mental Health


Coinz 4 Kids With Cancer

We raise money for kids with cancer because every child deserves a chance to live a healthy, fulfilling life, free from the burden of cancer. Childhood cancer is a devastating and life-altering diagnosis, not only for the young patients but also for their families and loved ones. Wellness and therapeutic activities for kids with cancer can be incredibly beneficial for their physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

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Mind, Body & Soul Therapeutic Retreat

Pretty Girls With Cancer therapeutic retreat offers numerous benefits and support for individuals who are battling cancer and their caregivers.Our therapeutic retreats are complimentary to cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers through donations and sponsorships. If you're interested in attending our retreat or sponsoring a loved one please email for more information and application.

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The Support Circle

A cancer diagnosis can affect the emotional health of patients, families, and caregivers. Common feelings during this life-changing experience include anxiety, distress, and depression. Roles at home, school, and work can be affected. It's important to recognize these changes and get help when needed. We offer our signature monthly Group Sessions, Girl Hang Outs and Guy Talk Sessions are under The Support Circle program.

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pink & teal fitness affair

Overall, Pink & Teal fitness Affair  is an opportunity to promote health, raise awareness for breast and ovarian cancer, build community, and provide much-needed support to those affected by cancer. It can be a powerful and meaningful event that leaves a lasting impact on participants and the organization's mission. Proceeds raised goes to assist Coinz 4 Kids With Cancer and Mind, Body and Soul Therapeutic Retreat. Learn how you can host an event in your community by emailing us at

Pink & Teal Fitness Affair offer numerous benefits and serve as an impactful event to support the Pretty Girls With Cancer's mission and the individuals it serves.  We love to have FUN so we want you to come out in your best pink and teal fitness attire, family fun day, vendors, raffles, a variety of instructors and sweating for a cause . 

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