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Lindsey Apostolo

Lindsey was born on February 10th, 1983 to the proud parents of Leon and Theresa Apostolo.  She was the older sister to one brother, Colin Apostolo and she was a mother to her four legged companion, Jewels.  She was very close to family and her dedicated and loving friends. Lindsey  grew up in the Cy-Fair area in Houston, Texas.  She attended Labay Junior High School and Langham Creek High School.  After graduating from Langham Creek HighSchool in 2001 she attended Southwest Texas University which then became TexasState University in San Marcos, Texas. Lindsey graduated in 3 ½ years with a degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor degree in Business.

Lindsey had always been a model student and employee exhibiting dedication, loyalty, excellence and perseverance in everything she did.  Working her way through College at BananaRepublic and Off 5th Saks at the Outlet Mall when she was offered a position at Saks 5th Avenue in the Galleria upon graduation from college.  She quickly proved her fashion skills and continued to get promoted which led her to the Sales Manager position.

Although Lindsey loved working with fashion, she disliked the long hours and having to work holidays.  Realizing most of her friends were teachers and had many holidays and summers off, Lindsey decided to make a career change and went back to school to get her teachers certification.  Lindsey did not have to wait long for any offer.  A fourth grade teacher position became available at Sutton Elementary and she took it on even though she was warned that it was a tough class to handle. She had no problem, her students respected her, and she loved them with all she had.  Lindsey continued to teach through all her cancer treatments even on days that the school staff insisted that she go home.  Her pain was recognized by everyone but she wasn’t about to let her students down.  Lindsey only had two short years of teaching and had her health improved she would have kept encouraging her students to do their best that she saw in every one of them.

During her time teaching, she pursued another goal of hers which was becoming a PersonalShopper/Designer.  Most of her clients were customers she met while working at Saks. Lindsey did amazing closetre-designs and organizations.  She also did room remodeling.  Her portfolio was growing, and her reputation was getting recognition.

Another endeavor of hers was that she found out that as large as Houston was that Houston did not have a National Cervical Cancer Coalition Chapter.  With her determination and concern for women diagnosed with cervical cancer and other gynecologic cancers she made it another goal of hers to make sure that this was offered in the Houston area.  She did her research and found the sources she needed and became the NCCC Chapter Leader. She would not be able to fulfill this position long before the cancer became her demise and she had to surrender her position.  The good news is that the Houston Chapter was put in place and continues to service the women of Houston.

Lindsey’s memory will always be present at Pretty Girls With Cancer. Her love for kids, fashion and helping others are the foundation for Coinz 4 Kids with Cancer in school districts, our signature fundraising fashion shows and support groups.  Lindsey's motto “Faith Creates Miracles.”